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  • 101st post: more Vong Phu studies

    The year is drawing to a close. I’ll have to hurry up in finishing the tasks at hand, since my jury is in two weeks’ time. Hope I’ll make the deadline. Time does go fast, this is already my 101st post.

  • Vong Phu part 2

    “Vong Phu” is the tale of a simple, sad woman, waiting for her husband to return. Every day she climbs a mountain with her son to look out for him, but every evening they descend again, as he is nowhere to be seen. After years and years of patience and determination, finally the woman and…

  • “Vong Phu”

    Some preliminary sketches to the story “Vong Phu”, a Vietnamese folk tale that my dad rewrote, I’m illustrating.