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  • Van Bavel shopping bag

        Such a pleasure to see my design come alive! This is the shopping bag I designed for Van Bavel gifts & premiums. I’m very grateful for this opportunity, 5000 people can go shopping with this bag now.

  • more Vong Phu

  • didactic poster

    Interested in some English phonetics? I’ve created a poster with the vowels and the diphthongs. And some flashcards as well

  • 101st post: more Vong Phu studies

    The year is drawing to a close. I’ll have to hurry up in finishing the tasks at hand, since my jury is in two weeks’ time. Hope I’ll make the deadline. Time does go fast, this is already my 101st post.

  • Vong Phu part 2

    “Vong Phu” is the tale of a simple, sad woman, waiting for her husband to return. Every day she climbs a mountain with her son to look out for him, but every evening they descend again, as he is nowhere to be seen. After years and years of patience and determination, finally the woman and…

  • “Vong Phu”

    Some preliminary sketches to the story “Vong Phu”, a Vietnamese folk tale that my dad rewrote, I’m illustrating.

  • spotted: Jeremy Fish

    I’ve already included some of his work in my post on skate and snowboard design, but his art beholds more than clean prints on shiny snowboards. Therefore, I present to you: Jeremy Fisher, a crazy bearded guy from San Francisco who works as a fine artist (exhibiting internationally) and a commercial illustrator (he’s done numerous…

  • Antwerp locals

    Text by Bart Moeyaert and Ramsey Nasr

  • Spotted: Charles Burns

    Last week we went to see Charles Burns retrospective exposition @ Museum M, Leuven. It is a must-see if you love graphic art and illustration.   “The exhibition presents more than 200 works created by Burns, including original printing plates of ‘Black Hole’ and his new book ‘X’, as well as sketches and illustrations for magazines…

  • ‘tstad